testimonials for inner peace meditation technique

“I’ve done many other meditation techniques and within the first 2 session of doing Michael’s Inner Peace Meditation Technique, I found exactly what I was looking for.  My mind was calm and my body relaxed. I felt more clear thinking throughout the day.”

– Jason B.

“My personal experience with Michael continues to bring value into my life. He teaches a style of meditation that feels very natural and I am thankful to have it be a part of my routine. “

– Chris G.

“I went through Michael’s Inner Peace Meditation course during a time where my life was filled with chaos and uncertainty.  I knew I needed something to help me steer away from a constant state of anxiety and stress and hoped that this course would provide me with some tools to cope.  Right away, I noticed a difference in my mood.  I was able to be less reactive, more joyful and kept a level of calm in the storm that surrounded me.  It was hard to understand how I could feel so at ease, when everything around me was up in the air. The only difference was that I was committed to and consistently followed the Inner Peace program, meditating twice a day – every day.  I started to feel more clear-headed and present to what was actually important in my life.  I feel unshakable, like whatever comes my way, I can handle it with more ease and introspection.  Meditating now feels like a little gift I give to myself every day and I am so grateful to have found Michael and his program.”

– Kate M.

“Since starting at Generation NEXT a year and a half ago, I have witnessed just how powerful meditation can be.  Over this past year I have seen all the individuals at Generation NEXT who participate in Michael’s meditation groups benefit from the practice. Mistakenly, I let a year and a half slip away as I constantly told myself I did not have time for meditation.  It wasn’t until Nick Yates implored me to take advantage of this benefit that Generation NEXT offers that I was willing to finally give it a try.  Thankfully I listened to Nick.  Heading into my first session with Michael, I was obviously nervous but more concerned that I would “do” meditation wrong and not understand how it benefited me and the Generation NEXT team.  During my first session with Michael he made all of those fears, concerns, and judgements disappear and I realized that I was in a safe, healing, positive environment.  Over the last month I have begun implementing meditation into my (almost) daily life and I now look forward to taking a few minutes out of my day to meditate.  What I didn’t realize is that Nick and Michael were preparing me for something the universe was bringing my way.  

Unfortunately, I suffered some medical issues which required a week long hospitalization.   Over the last week and a half, I have spent over four hours in an enclosed, suffocating MRI testing chamber.  During all four hour-long procedures, I relied on meditation, keeping my eyes closed, and my mantra to pull me through what should have been a claustrophobic nightmare. And yet those hour-long procedures turned into positive experiences for me. As I meditated, I was able to focus on how I ended up here, why it happened, and how I was going to improve my life moving forward so I wouldn’t end up here again.  Funny enough, as I was restricted to a hospital bed, my wife Anna and I watched all of Michael’s videos on YouTube.  It has not only encouraged Anna to want to practice with Michael, but it made me finally realize that the warrior inside of me was ready to become a sage.  From here on out, I will not only continue to practice meditation for myself and my family, but it will be an integral part in how I conduct and react to business and personal matters.  Thank you Michael and thank you Nick.”

– Nik W.

The years I have spent with Michael have been a revelation to me.  I have taken every offering in the accelerated program. I am now able to look at life from a much calmer and more peaceful place and that has changed all my relationships with everyone I encounter.  The journey is ongoing and I am grateful for the hand he provides me as I navigate my life. ”

– Peggy T., student of 10 yrs.

“I originally worked with Michael several years ago to weave meditation into my daily life. It has helped me become more centered and have less feelings of anxiety. I contacted Michael again recently for help in refocusing my efforts and because I was in need of one of his coveted blessings.  I was pleased to learn he offered an advanced meditation method. I have been amazed at how seemingly small changes in the advanced method could have a deep impact on my meditation.  It’s a renewed commitment to the benefits that meditation offer me. I am so pleased and thankful to have crossed paths with Michael at just the right times in my life.”

– Toni P.