testimonials for inner peace program – accelerated

The years I have spent with Michael have been a revelation to me.  I have taken every offering in the accelerated program. I am now able to look at life from a much calmer and more peaceful place and that has changed all my relationships with everyone I encounter.  The journey is ongoing and I am grateful for the hand he provides me as I navigate my life. ”

– Peggy T., student of 10 yrs.

“I originally worked with Michael several years ago to weave meditation into my daily life. It has helped me become more centered and have less feelings of anxiety. I contacted Michael again recently for help in refocusing my efforts and because I was in need of one of his coveted blessings.  I was pleased to learn he offered an advanced meditation method. I have been amazed at how seemingly small changes in the advanced method could have a deep impact on my meditation.  It’s a renewed commitment to the benefits that meditation offer me. I am so pleased and thankful to have crossed paths with Michael at just the right times in my life.”

– Toni P.