Build upon the foundation of The Inner Peace Meditation Technique. Deepen and stabilize your direct experiences.



studio membership

Join the “proximity effect” and be part of a system that will perpetuate your personal evolution toward a state of permanent happiness.

Becoming a member of the IPM Program allows one to participate in an a la carte menu of advanced offerings designed to both increase one’s intellectual understanding of the path to unfolding a state of permanent inner peace, as well as to open via deepening the direct experience of one’s awareness to the divine or cosmic value of wakefulness/consciousness.

Inner Peace Program – Accelerated

one-on-one programs

  • new mantra
  • new additional use of mantra
  • deepening effect
“As soon as the new mantra was given and Michael gave me the new slight variation on the use, I was experiencing an increased level of bliss and joy.”
-Angela A.

1hr     |     one-on-one with Michael

  • meditation/blessing/conversation
  • introspection/discovery/journaling
  • homework/readings
* All sessions are structured to awaken and overcome ones inner-obstacles to fulfillment.


“ Michael is so simple direct and his intuition is right on point…I always have a fresh renewed and very real perspective following these sessions.”

-Alex R.

“The power of intention on steroids.”  –mdf

Personal instruction in the use of very refined intentions that supports the spontaneous increase of the effulgence of the divine aspect of your self.
*Taught only on a 5 day retreat.



group programs

“A spiritual discourse or sacred gathering.”
Sundays with Michael – a spiritual discourse and a meditation/blessings session that will make our gathering very sacred.

2 hours     |     $108

Adapting the Five Ancient Elements of “Inner Peace” in a unique combination to create deep immaculate spaces of grace and charm!
  • Yoga – Postures
  • Chakra Clearing – Chanting
  • Pranayama – Breath Work
  • Samadhi – Inner Peace Meditation
  • Darshan – Blessing


*check calendar to join the next workshop.

“After one of these workshops, I just float for days and have incredible clarity and efficiency.”

-Tevi K

A review of a book or series of books that reference the many different ways the authors are saying the same thing. A similar format as a “book club” where there is a weekly gathering to discuss the weekly at home reading assignments with individual perspective.

Purpose: To stimulate intellectual understanding to help support your direct experiences.
Bibliography that Michael DeFrancisco has created that we will choose from:
  • ‘Your Owners Manual’  – Bert Hodgekiss
    ‘Bhagavad Gita’ – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    ‘Higher States of Consciousness’ – Itzhak Bentov
    ‘White Eagle Series’ – Grace Cooke
    ‘Science of Being and Art of Living’  – Maharish Mahesh Yogi
    ‘The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible’ – Geoffrey Hodson
    ‘The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
    ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ – Richard Maurice Bucke
    ‘The I that Is We’ – Richard Moss. M.D.

“A deepening collaboration with the divine aspect of your own nature” – mdf

spend time in deep spiritual immaculate immersion

An in-residence program experience for 3 or 5 days, combining meditation community, soft exercise and delicious food. Become a Blessing Giver during the 3 day retreat and learn a Yoga Sutra during the 5 day retreat.
Retreats are valuable for us, not only because they introduce us to a new vision of possibilities, but because they open us up to take the time to become deeply rooted in the immaculate spaces of your grace and charm!
The ancient tradition of the 5 elements are used to strengthen and deepen your direct experiences. The 5 elements consist of: Postures – Yoga, Chanting, Breath Work – Pranayama, Meditation – IPM Technique and Blessings – IPM.


“This is one incredible experience of very exceptional joy – And it last for weeks after. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Debbie W.

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“Bestowing the grace of the divine.” – mdf

Learn to quietly bestow the grace of the divine to another… and to receive more grace than was extended.
*Taught only on 3 day retreat.

calendar of advanced programs

Sunday Satsang @ Buddhi Yoga Studio @ Buddhi Yoga
Nov 19 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

sunday satang

“A spiritual discourse or sacred gathering.”
  • for studio members and current students
  • drop-ins welcome ($20)
Sunday Satsang @ Buddhi Yoga Studio @ Buddhi Yoga
Nov 26 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

sunday satang

“A spiritual discourse or sacred gathering.”
  • for studio members and current students
  • drop-ins welcome ($20)

“The years I have spent with Michael have been a revelation to me.  I have taken every offering in the accelerated program. I am now able to look at life from a much calmer and more peaceful place and that has changed all my relationships with everyone I encounter.  The journey is ongoing and I am grateful for the hand he provides me as I navigate my life. ”

– Peggy T., student of 10 yrs.

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