the well-formance process

corporate program for leadership

Focus on your leadership and empower the individual…

Deepen the understanding and interconnectedness of personal well-being and performance in the work place through The Well-Formance Process (WFP) with the science and art of The Inner Peace Meditation Technique (IPMT) as the foundational component.

the well-formance process ™

A more relaxed, harmonious, efficient way of being can be easily accessed by you and everyone on your team. Like a stone tossed in the water, it will create a deep ripple effect that can transform the leadership, productivity and personal dynamics of your entire company.

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integration with your current initiatives

The Well-Formance Process supports organizational outcomes— accelerates the efforts of your organization’s functions and leaders!

Supporting the personal, value-driven needs of the individual and the organization (mission, vision, values, etc.).

Consistent activity; practical ritual that drives and sustains the individuals and teams (personal and professional development, physical activity, nutrition, etc.).

Support, measure and celebrate the people and unique strengths that deliver success (performance metrics, coaching, recognition, etc.).

“I find that since Michael has refined my meditation practice and being in his personal mentoring process, I am more clear thinking, more relaxed and I govern outcome rather than control outcome.”

– Eric R., Founder and CEO of OpenWorks

“Michael is an authentic expert.  His authenticity and expertise are amazing.  I love working with Michael. “

– Michelle T., Executive Director of NARTC

“I have been meditating every day for three years since I met Michael. I have been spending an hour every week working one-on-one with him in his studio and 20 of my employees now meditate as a group daily in addition to once a week with Michael in our office. My life has changed dramatically. My relationship with my family has blossomed beautifully, as it has with my employees and my business, which was sinking is now thriving!”

– Nick Y., Chairman/Founder – Generation NEXT Franchise Brands

“Every time I meditate or have personal mentoring with Michael, I come away with a fresh, expanded, healthy perspective.”

-Alex R., CEO & Chairman of InterWest Capital

The IPM technique is powerful and effective.  I seem to be able to step back from the onset of the day and have a much healthier, broader perspective.

– Jake B.,PharmD COO & Cofounder of Sir

“The entire Michael DeFrancisco experience has been transformative. I was simply wound too tight before seeing him. Now, I can breathe, see the bigger picture and avoid letting ‘what ifs’ drown out all that there is to be thankful for. It’s now a life full of gratitude, peacefulness and energized/focused work. I have Michael to thank for that.”

-Scott B., Co-creator and President of Scobre Press Corp & Book Buddy Digital Media, Inc.

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