gentle guidance to become completely grounded in your inner peace

Michael DeFrancisco is a teacher, spiritual mentor and intuitive, who has founded and developed The Inner Peace Program (IPP). The program consists of The Inner Peace Meditation (IPM) Course for Individuals and The Well-Formance Process (WFP) for corporate leadership. The program at its foundation offers The Inner Peace Meditation Technique (IPMT) which is an ancient, time tested, evidence based, effortless meditation technique, that cultures a permanent state of Inner Peace.
Michael was a student of, and learned to teach meditation directly from his holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He has created and teaches an improved and enhanced Vedic style of effortless meditation that produces significant holistic benefits.
His students characterize him as authentic, and his style as tender, warm, engaging and a reflection of, and the embodiment of, the charm and grace of the divine.
Michael began his independent teaching in 1986 and has taught thousands of individuals and has held group meditations for tens of thousands. He has personal students on four continents, works with corporate leadership, and has his meditation studio in La Jolla, California.


“When inner peace is made lively in an individual, one feels fulfilled and as a result, harmony and efficiency in their thought, speech and action maximizes, and achievement is a natural result.” -mdf


  • traditional, not trendy

    We offer as an entry to the condition of inner peace an innocent, natural, effortless meditation technique that is established in the time tested ancient Vedic Tradition. This technique is scientifically verified and provides immediate benefits!
    calmer mindrelaxed bodybalanced emotions
    The result is an inner peace with an increase in physical, mental and emotional harmony, which allows for a more enjoyable, efficient, productive and fulfilling day-to-day experience of life. 
  • clear, not clever

    The Inner Peace Meditation Technique is traditional. Taught orally, teacher to student on a one to one basis.
  • mission

    Our mission is to offer the opportunity for individuals to participate in the learning the ancient technique of the Inner Peace Meditation Technique.
    This technique provides the student with a daily meditation practice to release stress and effortlessly access inner peace and thereby, naturally and spontaneously increase harmony, happiness and health.
  • vision

    As an individual, or in the family, in the community, in the country, or globally, we can all get along better with our selves and with others.
    Our vision is a world where individuals realize they have access to their own divine inner peace and can effortlessly incorporate the expression of harmony, happiness and health into their daily lives.
    As we access more of our inherent inner peace, we naturally begin to reflect a greater value of physical, mental and emotional health. It’s good for everyone.