Learn the most effective, time-honored Vedic style of meditation, now taught as The Inner Peace Meditation Technique (IPMT). Tap into your inner peace effortlessly, naturally and spontaneously, so that the joy within, blossoms and sustains you throughout the day.

your desire for a better way is within

You have an insatiable curiosity to figure things out, cool! Of all the things you’ve explored to improve your life, this scientifically validated method is arguably the most important technological skill you will learn for both your immediate and long-term productivity and well-being.

your personal best

It’s not about your latest achievement, but a whole new way of being. Your desire to be an overachiever has left you over-scheduled, over-stimulated, and overwhelmed. You’re ready for a shift, where your inner peace is stable and no longer contingent upon outside validations or outcomes.

more of what you want

Underneath all those goals you’ve set for yourself, what do you really want? Could it be more clear thinking, more compassion, more harmony, more patience, and more relaxation? Or could it be less tension, less aggression, less anxiety, less depression and less fear? Either way, life is better.

maximize your inner intelligence

The Inner Peace Meditation Technique (IPMT) heightens your creative, emotional intelligence and problem-solving abilities. The technique establishes a foundation of mind and body that’s calm, clear and focused.

an authentic authority

You will learn this style of meditation exactly as it has been taught for the past 6,000 years. You will receive one-on-one personalized teaching from Michael DeFrancisco, who has taught thousands of individual over the last four decade.

new students

Learn the most effective, time-honored Vedic meditation technique to tap into your inner peace spontaneously.


Sit Down & Shut Up with Michael. Coming January 2018

corporate leadership

Empower the individual. Focus on your team leaders. Help them work smarter. Performance For The Well-being Of All.

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